It’s Spring, And The Servers Are Migrating

I got another eMachine tower from a friend on freecycle a couple weeks ago (thanks Dan!), which is, conveniently, an upgrade from my current tower. We have progressed from an Athlon 2700+ to a 3.3Ghz Celeron D with faster RAM and SATA on the motherboard, too! We are way hip, dude. So to upgrade we will go. The trick is to fit my DVD burner and twin 250GB PATA drives in with the stock 120GB SATA disk all into the minitower. I had to put my old Promise TX2 (ATA-100) controller in for the big drives since the blessing of modern progress has given me a four spiffy SATA channels but only one ATA. And I need that for the optical drives. Things could be worse.

Like, for instance, running out of power connectors. The blessed progress also gave me only two standard molex connectors, two SATA power connectors, and a floppy drive plug. (Like I said, modern progress.) I had to use my trusty power splitter and hack in another molex from my collection of wire bits.

Thanks to said molex also having a floppy power plug attached, we have sucessfully adapted Floppy Power to Non-Floppy Things, both cleverly and non-destructively. If you, too, find yourself in need of adaption, get one normal-size paper clip, straighten it out, cut it into four fairly equal pieces, and stick them into one of the floppy power plugs, like so.

Then, plug it into the other floppy power plug. Make sure you match up wire colors or things will blow up. (Or, at least, smell bad and not work again, ever.)  Your paper-clip pins will probably get pushed out the back of one of the plugs, which is OK as long as you push them back in with your screwdriver or something. That’s why they are so long to begin with.

Then, plug it all in. Nothing wasted! All I need now is more RAM, though that’s not so critical running a light-duty file/backup/media server with Crunchbang.


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  1. Paragraph 4, “plug it into the another floppy power plug” should probably be “plug it into another floppy power plug”.

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