Hammond Case Size Chart

I’ve been poking around at effects pedal enclosures again and thought it would be nice to have a chart to compare the actual sizes of the common Hammond-type 1590 series project boxes. So I made up a Hammond 1590-series Comparison Chart [PDF].

Hammond 1590 Comparison Chart

I used dimensions from Hammond and from a third-party lookalike (the boxes sold by Mammoth Electronics, in this case), unscientifically rounding dimensions to what seemed to make sense and then approximating those in Inkscape. The stated dimensions should be close enough, possibly 0.1″ off but usually less. The one exception is the height of the 1590LB boxes, which can differ almost 0.25″ from Hammond to others – I went with the larger 1.3″ dimension on that one. The actual size when printed should be close enough to actual size to get a good feel of how big it they are in addition to relative sizes.

The PDF will probably print more nicely than the PNG file, but both are full 8.5″x1″ letter page size – for dimensions to be accurate you’ll need to print at actual size, not scaled down to fit in margins at all.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial – share and print for reference as you like, but please keep attribution intact or link back. Hope it’s useful!