You will most likely get a more interesting picture of me and what I think by reading the other things I’ve posted on this site. However, some biographical tidbits are summarized here for general interest.

For instance, you may find me more or less credible when I tell you I live near the Eastern coast of  New England and that my favorite vegetable is broccoli. (Cooked or raw, doesn’t matter much.) Should you have seen me you might think I am tall, and correctly, though in the habit of slouching. If you are some subset of my friends, I still remind you of a leprechaun despite size. You may also not read much, if any, of the rest if I keep up with the long-form prose explanations (however novel), so I shall continue in long-form-bulleted-list which is quicker to type.

  • I enjoy pastimes such as, or involving, reading, music, theatre, and other arts.
  • Sailing and hiking and other things outdoors are also very cool.
  • I love anything which involves tools, machines, electronics, or all of the above.
  • I drive a car nearly as old as I am, and would rather own the cast-iron version of machinery.
  • Bonus points if it has brass parts.
  • I am allergic to being ordinary. (Apologies to my sometimes embarrassed wife.)
  • Incidentally, I am very happily married.
  • I like lamps and clocks.
  • I work in manufacturing and am fascinated by usability, productivity, efficiency, and ergonomics.
  • My favorite color is blue, and I seek the Holy Grail of Organization and Storage.

We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast, thank you for reading.