Here’s an index list of specific projects, which you can also view a more primitive form via the projects category. I’m still trying to figure out how to structure this thing, with the mash of posts and projects and stuff.

Home & Household

  • Arm Stool – Extra chair arms + need a footstool/mini table
  • Storage Cubbies – Practically free, versatile, and very square
  • Daisy Clock – Final project for metalwork class

Computer & Electronics

  • Thing Timer – for turning off electrical stuff after a while
  • Eject-O-Looper – Fixed the VCR for good
  • N64 Video Out cable – Have Nintendo. No cable. Make one.
  • Tool Pack – The ungainly solution to many small tool cases
  • Coin Tray – Money from ashes, or at least instead of them
  • iMac Hacks – Various (re) incarnations of iMacs, with and without plastic
  • RSS & Podcasts – The Finer Points of handling podcasts with RSSOwl

Instrument Related

  • Ruby Practice Amp – A small LM386 guitar amp for my workbench
  • Drum Trigger – Hacked together electronic drum trigger
  • Pedalboard – My custom guitar effects pedalboard
  • ManMode – Foot access to the Boss ME-33 manual mode
  • RolyControl – All the foot controls for the Roland SDE-1000 digital delay
  • Mr. Clean – Volume knob in a stompbox
  • HasPower – 9V power supply for the pedalboard (now defunct)
  • Wooden Thumbscrews – Or, Repairing A Mic Stand Adjustment Bolt Thingy

Random Making Stuff

Car/Tractor/Yard Stuff

Outdoors Related