Drilling Holes Without Spewing Sawdust

This is one way to drill a hole without getting too much sawdust all over the place, even using a spade bit.

Fencing your woodchips with masking tape.

Fencing your woodchips with masking tape.

I normally reserve creating sawdust and messy things like that for the Shop For Big And/Or Messy Things, far away from my office/computers/electronics bench. However, the Shop For Big And/Or Messy Things is really cold in the winter and I was feeling wimpy.

Clean Drilling - Top View


Things You Don’t See In Maine Every Day

A Toyota Land Cruiser, decked out in what looks like safari gear… with German license plates?

The Machine Has Arrived

I moved the big Gravely up from my Dad’s this afternoon, and am now fully equipped to defeat snow. There is power in driving a full sixteen horse-power of Kohler iron through a snow-bank with a snow-thrower of caliber to remove most snow as fast as you care to wish.

This is to “snowblower” what “humvee” is to “truck”; gear drive, cast iron, and built to last.

Score! The Goodwill-For-The-Win-(Again) Networking Edition

Once again we bring you news of great bargains, this time from the newly-opened South Portland location. Exhibit A is a Belkin N150 wireless b/g router, sans wall wart.

Most reviews I’ve found so far question the usefulness of this router’s existence, but for $4 I can’t complain too much. I’ll just set it to access point mode and leave the heavy lifting to my Netgear brick.

I also picked up a(nother) cheap meter, one I don’t feel bad about gluing to my workbench to always have a voltmeter handy. I felt obliged to pay all $2.99 after I broke the knob clicker in the store. (Subsequently fixed, though I’m still missing a part somewhere.)

Define “Sense of Humour”

There are signs that are funny, and there are signs that are funny but puzzling as to if they should be, or whether the owner really means it.

‘Nuff said.

YouTube Has Everything

We interrupt our regular broadcasts to bring you your Cuteness-From-YouTube fix for the day. Five-year old? Check. Ukelele? Check. Popular song? Check. Combination? Win!

The sad thing is that this cover may well be better than the original.