Define “Sense of Humour”

There are signs that are funny, and there are signs that are funny but puzzling as to if they should be, or whether the owner really means it.

‘Nuff said.


The Nemesis, Conquered

I have won. For the past week, a mosquito has been annoying me, flying around – just enough to be audible – about twenty minutes after I go to bed and shut the light off. Abominably an elusive chap, he naturally was not there when I turned the light back on to look.

To spite me and tempt fate (apparently), he decided to prowl while I was still up last night (though how a mosquito can prowl seriously, I surely don’t know), but I’d have to be a magician to have caught him. Or at least have had my glasses on. Every few minutes he’d fly close enough to be heard or caught sight of, but promptly disappear again, thereby postponing my bedtime, cumulatively, by more than is necessary to mention.

But Sir Mosquito was finally undone. When I woke up this morning he was placidly set upon the window, up high, as I lay down below. He was too slow; I promptly dispatched him to the realms of that which is past and shall return no more. I have won. I have beaten the mosquito.