Things You Don’t See In Maine Every Day

A Toyota Land Cruiser, decked out in what looks like safari gear… with German license plates?


In Which We Upgrade An Antenna

As I’m sure you all know and undoubtedly agree, the bigger the antenna the better it works. This is true of wide-band receive aerials, anyway, at least up to full wavelength or so (I think – my antenna theory is a little rusty these days). Most people don’t like ten-foot antennae on their car, though, so most AM/FM receive antennas are quite a bit shorter. I, however, being a fan of good radio reception and also of big antennae, decided it was time to upgrade the car again. Continue reading

Installing a Vacuum Gauge in a Volvo 240

In my quest for fuel economy – and in the interest of having more gauges and fancy lights in my car – I installed a vacuum gauge. Since I drive a car made well prior to the advent of ODB-II I am left out of all the fun electronic things one can plug in that way I must instead resort to old-school mechanical-type things, like a vacuum gauge.

I though I’d document it since the forum people say, essentially, you hook it into the manifold or vacuum line, you can figure it out, it’s not hard. They’re right, but I like photos. So here they are.
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Gravely wins, Ice loses.

No match for the big metal after a two-day thaw. We love our machine.

Have New Headlight, Can Snowblow At Night

When it is storming, neighbors take warning. (And I apologize to anyone in the neighborhood who tries/has tried to sleep at 4:30 on any morning I snowblow before work.)

Anyway, my Dad’s Gravely 5260 has an extra bracket welded on to the bracket for the snowblower turn-handle-thingy. It’s a very convenient place to mount a headlight.

The Pro 16 I’m running, unfortunately, is not as convenient. The newer quick-hitch snowblower has it’s own handle support, so I’m out of luck on that. But, where convenience fails, random scrap parts can prevail! It’s not pretty but it works.

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It Started And Ended With A Yard Trailer

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The old trailer worked OK, it had age issues so I decided to replace a couple parts so I could put a tailgate on it and haul leaves. I ended up completely rebuilding the whole trailer, but without sides yet – so I still can’t haul leaves and stuff.¬†Details after the break!

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The Machine Has Arrived

I moved the big Gravely up from my Dad’s this afternoon, and am now fully equipped to defeat snow. There is power in driving a full sixteen horse-power of Kohler iron through a snow-bank with a snow-thrower of caliber to remove most snow as fast as you care to wish.

This is to “snowblower” what “humvee” is to “truck”; gear drive, cast iron, and built to last.