Drilling Holes Without Spewing Sawdust

This is one way to drill a hole without getting too much sawdust all over the place, even using a spade bit.

Fencing your woodchips with masking tape.

Fencing your woodchips with masking tape.

I normally reserve creating sawdust and messy things like that for the Shop For Big And/Or Messy Things, far away from my office/computers/electronics bench. However, the Shop For Big And/Or Messy Things is really cold in the winter and I was feeling wimpy.

Clean Drilling - Top View


Repairing A Mic Stand Adjustment Bolt Thingy

There’s got to be a better term for those little knobs that you tighten (or loosen) to adjust mic stands. And this is actually about making new ones for replacements. Anyway. A couple of these knobs stripped or went missing and here’s how I put wooden knobs on standard (cheap) hardware store bolts to replace them. Continue reading

In Which I Invent An Arm Stool

I hate desk chairs with arms. The arms just get in the way of my arms, me, and end up running into any number of other things. Consequently, I had a bunch of unused desk chair arms taking up space that I needed to do something with, so I made them into a footstool.

I think I may put a cushion or something on it, but it also make a good end table as it is.

Build notes:

I glued together 1x lumber for the top. I have a virtually unlimited supply of medium-quality fir 1×8 from shipping crates at work, so that’s what I used. Add wood glue, clamps, screws, and let set overnight to get a fairly rugged pseudo-plywood. Much less split-prone, as well.

The arms are just screwed in with 1-1/4″ drywall screws with some trusty #10 flat washers. Very handy for holes that screw heads are in danger of fitting through.

I ended up putting four legs on it instead of three, the anti-symmetry of three legs on an octagonal top grated against my sensibilities.

More build photos in the gallery.